The Nakatomi web-store is now live, and our very first line of shirts is here to completely melt your face into a puddle of…uh…melty skin. Gross.

Video Werewolf is our love poem in the form of cotton to the Video Stores of our youth, as seen through the vibrating day-glow colors we crave, like a zombie craves brains.

Dr. Acula Tee

Dr. Acula Tee

Each shirt comes in an ‘reclaimed’ big Betamax video box, making it the perfect gift for those who fell under videotape’s hypnotic spell all those decades ago. And…each box has special presents.

Go to the Video Werewolf category to check it out- HERE.

Our model, Sean Robb, is a local DJ and stand-up comic. You can check him out on his MYSPACE page.

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